• T. Smith

Your World is Waiting...

SuperWorld continues to expand our decentralized platform, with new people coming every day to purchase property (Haufbrau Haus in Munich and Alcatraz prison were favorites this week), and to create and share projects in #AugmentedReality.

Right now, purchasing virtual real estate in SuperWorld is easier than ever. Using one of the crypto wallets fully-integrated with (Fortmatic, Portis, and MetaMask), you can use Ethereum to buy AR Real Estate Tokens (ERC721 tokens) that correspond to geographical locations in the real world.

With thousands of landmarks, tourist attractions, sports/music arenas and historic sites still available from Boston and Bratislava to Lagos and Los Angeles—and everywhere in between—SuperWorld is bringing us closer together at a time when it seems we’re growing further apart.

One interesting trend we’ve seen recently in SuperWorld is purchases of more intimate properties, i.e., users buying the digital representation of their physical address. Maybe you’d like to commemorate the site of your first kiss? Or in my case, the site where you wish your first kiss was (Venice) instead of where it actually was (behind a Burger King in Sacramento)

As we adjust to new methods of social interaction, the virtual world of offers the perfect medium for people to come together, build community, invest in the future, and share their creative AR/VR projects to a vast, worldwide audience.


The New York Times has put together an amazing re-creation in #AR of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing here.

Learn how chipmakers and a host of other industries are embracing #AR after discovering new uses during the Covid-19 pandemic in this piece in The Wall Street Journal

Those in need of a fine art fix can now use #AR to experience great artworks from Da Vinci to Degas. See how the folks at Cuseum are letting art aficionados mainline masterpieces in augmented reality.

Most popular properties today on SuperWorld:

1. Munich

2. Rome

3. Anaheim

4. NYC

5. Las Vegas

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