• SuperWorld

You Can't Quarantine Creativity

Today, SuperWorld is drawing record numbers of AR/VR creators and enthusiasts, people looking for a revolutionary social media platform, and digital real estate investors—to name just a few. With thousands of plots of digital land available everywhere from New York City and Beijing to Buenos Aires and Dubai—and everywhere in between—SuperWorld takes the distance out of social distancing.

As we work together to contain the Covid-19 virus and adjust to new methods of social interaction, the virtual world of SuperWorld offers the perfect medium for people to come together, build community, and share their creative AR/VR projects to a vast, worldwide audience.

Most popular properties on #SuperWorld this week:

1. State College, PA

2. Amsterdam

3. Sydney

4. Las Vegas

5. South Bend, IA

And for more interesting thoughts on what the future may hold, here is a good piece up at Forbes

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