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Augmented Reality: From Niche to New Normal?

Updated: May 2

As we continue to flatten the curve and work to contain the Covid-19 virus, Superworld has seen exciting developments across our digital ecosystem. Over the last few weeks, we've reached significant milestones, made new hires, and continued to grow apace. As both a virtual real estate marketplace and social AR platform, Superworld is beginning to gain traction, and we’re finalizing our decentralized, transactional layer for ads, gaming, and payments. Every day at Superworld offers new freedoms for users, and we’re thankful to have you along for the journey.

Hesitation can be the enemy of innovation, and there is still some resistance to adopting AR/VR/XR on a large scale. An interesting article on the challenges faced by the industry can be found here at the New York Times, while this piece in the Los Angeles Times outlines the growing paradigm shift toward large scale AR/VR/XR adoption. All East Coast/West Coast beef aside, we're interested to hear your thoughts. All comments welcome and appreciated.


· Superworld is now fully integrated with Fortmatic and Portis wallet, making it easy for users to seamlessly and securely purchase (and store) AR real estate.

· Featured spread on Superworld and co-founder Hrish Lotlikar in Innovate Austin, a 300-page, in-depth study and AR video series that showcases leading innovation and entrepreneurial enterprises in Austin, Texas.


· TODAY and for the next 24 hours, the Global Online Unconference (organized by our friends at Unit Ventures), will be devoted to the theme of “Your Future Life in the XR World,” including presentations from nearly 300 global entrepreneurs, artists, investors, futurists, and change makers, including our own Hrish Lotlikar speaking on the possibilities and potential of Superworld.


Popular properties this week in Superworld include:

1. Washington D.C.

2. Tokyo

3. London

4. Austin

5. Palo Alto

Thanks so much for your support of Superworld. We look forward to keeping you in our orbit and sharing more news soon!


Your friends at Superworld

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