Frequently asked questions

What do I need to get started?

● The desktop version of Chrome or Firefox on your computer

● Portis, a digital wallet (now fully integrated with SuperWorld)

● Ethereum (ETH), a form of digital payment that allows you

How do I install and use Portis, a digital wallet?

From the SuperWorld home page, you’ll be directed to download Portis at Portis holds and protects your ether, similar to a bank account. You will need to add money (which will then convert to ETH) to make your purchase. Note: You cannot use USD to buy SuperWorld real estate--fiat currency needs to be converted into ether (ETH) first.

What is SuperWorld?

SuperWorld ( is a social Augmented Reality (AR) platform and virtual real estate marketplace for building community in AR. Users and brands can:

  • Buy and sell properties anywhere on Earth
  • Personalize the real world in AR with photos, videos, texts, and 3D objects
  • Share a unique AR experience with friends and followers

We are currently launched on iPhone and Android phones. SuperWorld social content is cross-platform and apps for Vive, Oculus, Magic Leap, HoloLens are forthcoming.

What is SuperWorld AR Real Estate?

Everyone can also use SuperWorld Coins to buy SuperWorld AR Real Estate Tokens (an ERC721 token). Each of these real estate tokens will be associated with a polygon bounded by latitude and longitude parameters. Holding a SuperWorld AR Real Estate Token allows buyers to have ownership of the longitude / latitude dimensions purchased and where future AR posts and advertising will be placed. It’s like the game of Monopoly in Augmented Reality. The goal is to collect the best places of real estate in the world or places that you love and to be able to buy and sell that real estate over time, as you like. The purpose of the AR Real Estate Token is to serve as an incentive to lock-in users to our ecosystem. The SuperWorld AR Real Estate Token is the common long-term mechanism that will be used to bind our ecosystem together. Content viewers, developers and marketers will all be able to participate in acquiring it if they so choose. Different bounded areas will likely have highly varying demand based off of population, and demographics. Dense, affluent areas for instance will likely generate significantly more interest than lowly populated and impoverished areas.

How do I buy and sell properties in SuperWorld?

SuperWorld allows you to buy AR Real Estate Tokens (an ERC721 token), each of which is associated with a polygon (Each plot is approximately 100 meters in each direction and will vary depending on its distance from the equator). bounded by latitude and longitude parameters. Holding a SuperWorld AR Real Estate Token allows buyers to have ownership of the longitude/latitude dimensions (and where future AR posts and advertising will be placed). The goal is to collect the best places of real estate in the world, or to acquire places that hold personal, sentimental or strategic value to you. Hold on to the property, flip it, or sell your real estate over time, and for a price of your choosing.

To buy property:

  • Go to the buying real estate section of the website which shows the map.
  • Choose the specific polygon of real estate you want and click on it.
  • If it’s available, you will see a white dialogue box open up indicating the plot is ‘available.’ (Initially, we are setting the price of each polygon as 0.1 ETH).
  • Click the green Buy button, which opens your Portis account and click ‘submit’. If you click on your Portis account, you will see the transaction as pending.
  • Once the transaction has finished processing, you will notice that the status has changed to ‘owned by me,’ and your polygon will turn purple in color, which signifies you are the owner.

To sell property:

  • Click on a purple polygon that you already own.
  • When the white dialogue box opens up, add a new value into the “sell for” row and click the Sell button, which opens your Portis account.
  • Click Submit.

How much does it cost to buy a polygon of AR Real Estate?

Every polygon will cost 0.1 ethereum initially. This will change over time.

How does SuperWorld make money?

SuperWorld receives the income from the initial sale of the AR Real Estate. In subsequent sales between users, we take 10% from each transaction on our AR real estate marketplace. Note that we made the marketplace to make our game as easy as possible to use. It’s possible to do whatever you want with your real estate outside of our marketplace without paying us a cent.

How large is one polygon?

Each plot is approximately 100 meter in each direction and will very depending on its distance from the equator.

How do I cancel the sale of a polygon of SuperWorld AR Real Estate?

If the status of one of the polygons you own is “I’m selling,” you can simply cancel the sale by clicking the Cancel Selling button.

Are SuperWorld AR Real Estate tokens like Bitcoin?

SuperWorld AR Real Estate tokens are NOT a cryptocurrency. They are more similar to a cryptocollectible. The real-world analogue for a cryptocurrency is dollars or euros; a cryptocollectible’s real world analogy is more like assets like fine art or classic cars. Since every SuperWorld AR Real Estate token is registered by a smart contract, any AR Real Estate token you own belongs to you. Similar to a property you can own in the real world, the market price is determined by demand, scarcity, and your asking price.

Can I use a credit card to purchase SuperWorld properties?

Not yet, however, you can use your credit card to purchase crypto straight from your Portis wallet, then purchase your SuperWorld Real Estate.

Can I buy and sell SuperWorld Real Estate on my mobile phone?

We plan to develop this feature into our mobile app, but for now you will need a laptop or a desktop to process your transactions.